Mike G.

Business Development Manager
Mike G
Mike works as a Business Development Manager at CleanTEC.

I joined CleanTEC in 2014 as Business Development Manager and have really enjoyed the last 9 years working with a great team of people.

In June 2019 I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and over time this has restricted me carrying out some of the physical aspects of my job.

At the time of diagnosis I was over 60 (63 to be precise) and it was a scary time for me and I could have feared for my job – but I knew better. I have received full support and care from everyone at CleanTEC including management which has truly made me feel very valued.

I know I could have retired but I love my job and working for CleanTEC.

I am fully aware that Parkinson’s is a degenerative condition and that it ‘cannot be fixed’ and I will eventually be unable to work. But until then CleanTEC have confirmed their continued support – for which I thank them.