Claire S.

Claire S., Administrator at CleanTEC
Claire works as an administrator at CleanTEC.
When did you join? 

I joined in August 2019. Before CleanTEC, I worked at a Contract Hire Company as an Assistant Sales Manager. I also worked in the bank for 10 years as a First Cashier and worked in retail for 10 years with Asda. 

What is your role? 

I am an administrator.  I put the forms on the system, I check that people have a right to work, making sure employees documents are compliant. If employees working in schools I will apply for a DBS, I also assist in payroll and just general paperwork administration.

So I have never really asked you about your hearing before, could you tell me some information about your condition please? 

My hearing loss is due to genetics. When I first arrived it was difficult because of the echoing in our office but, we then had a conversation with Ontel (Telecommunications Support Company) we got a phone that was suitable and would link up to my hearing aids. It means I can answer a call from anywhere in the building as it rings wherever I am, in my ear. The microphone is in the ear too, so it is works like AirPods.  

So without this software how much can you hear? 

It is like having a pillow over the top of my head, everything sounds like a whisper. It can be difficult, sometimes as I think I am shouting. I can change the volume on my hearing aid so If don’t want to talk to someone I will turn it down! 

How have other employers supported you with your condition before? 

Most people just don’t understand it. If it is a busy environment, people don’t have time to repeat themselves or think of ways to help. No one has put in a phone system like this for me before. So I was really happy. 

What do you enjoy about working for CleanTEC? 

I like the family atmosphere, we all work together. We don’t just do our own job. If someone needs help we are able to help out. I have found that really enjoyable.