Antonio T.

Area Manager
Antonio T., Area Manager at CleanTEC
Antonio started as a member of our cleaning staff and is now an Area Manager.
How long have you worked at CleanTEC? 

Since 2014, I was working for another company as a Cleaning Operative and I TUPE’d over to CleanTEC. I was then promoted to the position of Supervisor. I then climbed through the ranks and was offered a position as Area Supervisor, then finally an Area Manager after Nigel (Regional Manager) put my name forward.

Who was recognising your work? 

When Nigel came to the company he started to notice my work. Although before that I was coming into the office and I met Chris and Peter (Managing Directors) many times, and then Suzanne and also the other Area Managers would see the work I was doing on sites. I think from that they took the decision to further my position.

Does it feel strange to go from wearing a polo on site to suits in presentations? 

Yeah definitely! I was going back to sites that I had worked at as a Cleaner! Some of the clients recognised me from when I was cleaning. However, it helps as when I am on site I can understand the cleaners as I have done it before. I can help them and will still even cover if needed.

Are you enjoying the extra responsibility? 

Yes I enjoy it. I am always finding new things. Every time I have been promoted there is always something you didn’t know before you get there. I am always learning and have always been familiar with the job before I got there. I have always got support from Nigel, Suzanne and other Managers. For example, last year I did my first presentation for new business and I was supported and guided to make sure it went well.

How does CleanTEC compare to other cleaning companies that you have worked for? 

The first thing about CleanTEC is that there is a sense of belonging to a family. You also have flexibility and there is also room for growth. If you are dedicated, consistent and hard working, a promotion could be around the corner. Since I have been around, I am not the only who has been promoted. There are lots of examples of Cleaners to Supervisors, Supervisors to Area Supervisors, there is always an opportunity. If you’re eager and keen to grow it will happen. If I have any issues on site or in the office, people are always willing to help.