CleanTEC’s Independent Trustee, Pat Brennan, Invited to Take Part at This Year’s EOA Annual Conference

Our Trustee Director, Pat Brennan, will be taking centre stage during the two-day conference on November 27th – 28th to discuss “How can British business do better for people, planet and the economy.” This exciting conversation will take place during day two of the annual conference with fellow EOA members: Chris Turner (B Lab UK), Katherine Chapman (Director, The Living Wage Foundation) and Alex Veitch (British Chambers of Commerce.)

From becoming an employee-owned business in 2021 and a EOA Trustee Member soon afterwards, CleanTEC has grown from strength to strength, owing in large part to the emphasis placed on the importance of employee prosperity and growth. This, supported by our values: Respect, Teamwork, Pride and Enjoyment, has empowered CleanTEC to become the 15th largest employee-owned business in the UK.

We are excited to hear to such an accomplished and knowledgeable group of individuals exchange views on topics of such importance, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate.

CleanTEC’s Independent Trustee, Pat Brennan