Environment & Innovation


Since the inception of Cleantec Services we have taken an active role in ensuring the impact of our business on our environment causes the least amount of harm as possible. Through the help of our clients we have implemented the following practices; these are just some of the procedures we offer our clients.

We ensure all staff receives training on environmental procedures we have in place and also our client's requirements for each individual site.

  • All cleaning products supplied to site are CFC friendly.
  • All plastic refuse sacks we use are made from 99% recycled materials and 1% colouring
  • All our equipment is purchased from manufacturers and suppliers whom are BS EN ISO 14001:2004
  • All plastic containers are returned for recycling and where possible we use re-useable spray triggers

We try, where possible, to use paper products from FSC sustainable sources. Where this is not achieved we use recycled paper products and we expect our clients to take an active role in this process.

The Company uses the same awareness for all vehicles and only uses vehicles which run on lead free petrol or diesel. We encourage staff local to contracts to walk or cycle to work.

We plan and work to logical work routes to ensure minimal mileage of vans on a daily basis. Where possible journeys are planned to reduce wasted mileage this is organised through our Supervisors and Managers.

We can produce for clients detailed consumption reports on their usage of products we supply. We work with every client to ensure site specific requirements are covered and staff on site are trained to the individual clients needs. For example removal of recycling waste, some can be co-mingled waste stream other pure.

As part of staff awareness we try to ensure they turn off electric lights as they leave rooms as they finish cleaning and notify of any dripping taps and leaks. Whilst this sounds simple it does make a difference.


The introduction of an On-Site Customer Care Help Desk to ensure a quick response.

Alternative chemical ranges that are environmentally friendly and increase productivity - IT Range.

Alternative equipment such as Pedestrian Sweepers, these increase productivity and care for the fabric of carpets - as implemented in Learning Resource Centre areas.

Introduction of Training & Quality Department which has increased productivity and staff morale, by utilising up to date training programmes.

Working with clients to reduce waste disposal, by introducing recycling measures.

We have sourced alternative FSC paper consumables, this has given one client an annual saving of 6800 per annum.

We have invested in the latest computer software Cleanlink, which is specifically geared to the cleaning industry. This monitors site usage of both staff hours, stores and consumables, tracks additional service requests, etc.

Offering a single combined service covering all aspects of the client's site.

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